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Realise2 and Performance Management

Using our Realise2 strengths assessment tool and model, we train managers on how to deliver strengths-based performance management using the Realise2 4M model. In this way, managers have a framework and approach that helps them have powerful conversations that help people to achieve their goals and deliver performance.

The four quadrants of the Realise2 model cover realised and unrealised Strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses. We help managers use this framework as a way of having impactful conversations with their staff about the strengths they bring to the role, as well as the weaknesses they may need to manage.

The key benefits of using Realise2 to support performance management include:

  • Specific understanding of an individual’s strengths, weaknesses and learned behaviours
  • A shared language and vocabulary of strengths
  • An easy-to-use framework to structure performance conversations
  • A proven methodology for engaging staff and helping them to achieve their performance goals.

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