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Strengths in Outplacement Programme

It’s not always easy when people reach the end of their time with an organisation. But with the right support and guidance, one ending can lead to a bright new beginning. Our Strengths in Outplacement Programme is designed to help people discover and develop their best possible future.

Each programme is focused on helping people understand the nature of change and transition, build positive emotions and resilience, create hope and optimism for the future, and establish a personal progress plan that will help the person to move forward positively with their life.
Running throughout the programme is the golden thread of how people can use their strengths to help them do this at every step of the way. When people discover their strengths and the many ways they can use them, the future looks brighter and they see more options open for them.

This is just what we did when helping several hundred Aviva employees transition successfully out of the company, as you can see here.


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