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High Engagement Change Management

It’s well-established that at least 70% of change initiatives fail. Not due to poor process or project plans, but due to the lack of genuine people engagement. Most people are change-anxious, so when change comes along, they passively deny at best, gently resist, or actively sabotage at worst. Through understanding where people are now, together with where they want to be in the future, our High Engagement Change Management services help you make that journey.

High Engagement Change Management is designed to harness the change energy of the critical mass of the organisation. Knowing the best of what your people have to offer and what it will take to get them there are the missing ingredients of successful change management. We’ll show you how with High Engagement Change Management.

High Engagement Change Management is based on our understanding of the dynamics of your organisational system (organisation development), appreciating the best of what is and what could be (appreciative inquiry), and finding the best ways to help people make the journey (positive change psychology). As you’ll see, there’s no need for burning platforms, while guiding coalitions take on a different meaning when you genuinely engage people for change and through change.

While every change process is different, the common elements of our High Engagement Change Management approach include:

  • Change Project Definition: We start, as you might expect, by understanding and building the case for change. We help you define what success would look like and how you would get there. As we do so, we’re identifying and building on what works and where you’re already successful, harnessing the positive energy that is already in the system, and which will create and feed the dynamic future vision that the change will deliver. 
  • Change Design Team: With the change project defined, we work with you to put together the Change Design Team that will lead and oversee the change activity. It’s critical for this design team to be involved from as early as possible in the change, to be representative of all stakeholder groups so that people feel their voices are heard, and to be trusted by the organisation, for they will ultimately become both the messengers and the guardians of the change activity.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Change initiatives fail because they increase the engagement gap, rather than increasing the engagement of the people who matter. We get the whole system in the room, using a range of large group engagement methodologies to ensure that as many people as possible are involved, connected, engaged and inspired with the change and their part in it. Throughout the change, we work consistently to promote honesty, transparency and trust, the three key drivers of engagement through change.
  • Change Planning: With genuine engagement from stakeholders, change planning becomes something that is done by the many rather than the few. Engagement flows because people see what the change is designed to achieve and why, together with the part they play in making it happen. They decide together who is best placed to do what, with the result that change happens more quickly and more effectively – and it sticks.
  • Change Delivery: At this stage of the High Engagement Change Management process, change delivery is happening automatically, fuelled by the engagement of stakeholders and the shared vision of the future for the organisation. We ensure change delivery stays on track through open feedback loops, enabling rapid learning and swift adaptation when the change itself needs to change.
  • Leadership Team Coaching: Leaders face a triple challenge in any change initiative. They’re involved with shaping the organisational future and delivering the vision. They’re managing their own thoughts and emotions around the change. And they’re facing the prospect of what the change means themselves – a shift in perspective, behaviour, mindset, thinking style, relationships, or ways of working. We support and coach the leadership team through the change, using a combination of one-to-one and team coaching as appropriate.


Here you can see how we helped the Change Agents [case study to come] at Birmingham City Council to start delivering change themselves, and the difference it made to the organisation – Birmingham City Council were the proud Overall Winner  of the 2010 Personnel Today awards.


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