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Roles and Levels

As the leaders in the field, we’ve used strengths-based assessment and recruitment up, down and across organisations, for the following roles and levels:

  • Graduate roles
  • Operational roles
  • Management roles
  • Leadership roles
  • Specialist roles

Graduate Roles

It’s becoming increasingly critical with graduate talent to be able to sort out the best from the rest. Our strengths-based recruitment methodology is being used to do just that by major players in the financial services and professional services sectors. We worked with Ernst & Young to deliver strengths-based graduate recruitment that would differentiate their employer brand in the highly competitive professional services sector. For Aviva, we designed and delivered a strengths-based graduate recruitment programme that helped them select the best graduate talent from applicants drawn from around the world.

As well as working with leading organisations to recruit graduates, we also work with leading universities to help them prepare graduates for the world of work. Our products and programmes are used to help graduates understand themselves, their strengths, and their preferences. Our products and programmes help graduates become more insightful, focused and effective with how and where they apply for their future roles, as our work with Warwick Careers  shows.

Operational Roles

Operational roles are the engine room of any organisation. This is where the work gets done, so you need to be sure you recruit the people who will love to do the work. This is just what we have been doing across a range of operational roles, from Claims Advisors to Sales Managers to Service Delivery Co-ordinators. Our work with Aviva covered 130 roles across the UK organisation, as you can see here.

Management Roles

When assessing for managers, you need to know that they’ll be able to manage – effectively. As well as broader management capability and preferences, our strengths assessment methodology will highlight how the manager is likely to perform in role, and where their challenges are likely to be. Having recruited your managers successfully, you might also be interested in how we can help develop their performance management capability from a strengths perspective.

Our work with Aviva covered 130 roles across the UK organisation, as you can see here.

Leadership Roles

Leaders cast a long shadow over the organisation, so you need to be confident about what that shadow will be. Our strengths assessment methodology provides you with deep insight into where leaders’ attention will go and how they will perform in role. With leadership appointments being so critical for their performance and sustainability of any organisation, we use a range of assessment methodologies for leadership roles, including assessment centres, interviews, and a suite of executive assessment tools and techniques.

Our work with the Adults and Communities directorate of a major local council helped them get ready for the changes that were coming with public sector re-organisation.

Specialist Roles

The very nature of assessment for specialist roles means that a battery-farm approach isn’t going to work. Understanding exactly what the role involves and what success will look like becomes all the more critical. Our strengths assessment methodology enables you to do just this, even if the role is new to the organisation or has never been performed before, as was the case with Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service when they needed to appoint a Community Risk Intelligence Analyst.


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