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It’s common sense, if not yet common practice. If you put people into roles where they love to do the things they need to do, it’s a win-win for everyone. Strengths Selector, our five steps to strengths-based recruitment is designed to reveal not only what people can do, but what they love to do and do well.

Our strengths assessments have been used in a variety of settings and for a variety of reasons, for people with diverse personalities and experiences, and from a range of ethnic backgrounds, organisations, countries and cultures:

  • Selection and recruitment
  • Talent identification
  • Assessment for development
  • Re-organisation

As the leaders in the field, we’ve used strengths-based assessment and recruitment up, down and across organisations, for the following roles and levels:

  • Graduate roles
    Retail roles
  • Operational roles
  • Management roles
  • Leadership roles
  • Specialist roles

Whether it’s assessing for 130 roles across a major insurance organisation, global leadership talent in information systems across Europe and Asia, customer service staff for a major coffee shop group, or sales managers in Indian financial services, we’ve shown that strengths-based assessment enhances performance and delivers results.


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